Wasting Your Google Adwords Spend

I wanted to write this post because I very frequently see how users of Google Adwords waste so much money on their Google Adwords by not fully understanding the power of the functionality of Google Adwords.

If you are spending money of on Google Adwords then this a short and must read post. If you do not know how to fix this then I will be happy to show you.


Goals For This Post

  • If you want to save money
  • If you want to get more quality leads
  • If you want to improve you Google Adwords skills

Google Adwords are all about quality leads at the lowest acquisition cost per quality lead.

Unfortunately many businesses make elementary mistakes when they create their Google Adwords leading to their ads being displayed when they should not.

This is a costly mistake for three reasons

  1. The business is using an impression of their Google Ads which could have been shown when a relevant search was performed. As the business only gets so many impressions the business loses an opportunity to have their ad displayed when a relevant search is performed.
  2. Even worse, some people (the wrong people) will invariably click on the ad out of curiosity or because they think the business sells the product or services they are looking for. This will not only cost the business money but will NEVER lead to a conversion. This is the worst way the business can spend its hard earned marketing budget. This will drive up the cost of the quality leads as the business have to pay for wasted clicks.
  3. But the most costly mistake is the lost business. A wasted click means the loss of profit from a relevant click leading to a conversion. For some businesses this could mean thousands but for all businesses this means a loss of average profit from one conversion. So the total loss from a wasted click is the cost per click plus the average profit from one conversion.

Here is an example

We searched on http://www.google.com for ‘hairdresser in London’. As you can see City Bike Service has set up their Google Adwords very poorly as their ad is being displayed even though they are not a hairdresser.

They are wasting an impression and even worse curious people might click on the ad but it will NEVER lead to a conversion.

The Catalyst Partnership can help you avoid these costly mistakes by

1. Making sure that your ads are only shown to relevant people

2. Lower the cost per click

This will increase your sales and lower your cost leading to significantly higher profitability.

We offer the following

1. FREE review to verify the improvement that can be achieved

2. We get paid a percentage of the savings so that we both win. There are NO upfront or ongoing fees. We simply get a percentage of your savings.

We typically achieve savings of up to 20% already the first month going up to 60+% at the end of a year.

Not by reducing the numbers of clicks but simply by applying our expertise.

Below is an example from a recent client.

Instead of spending €36,362 on their Google Adwords, as they did in the previous year, they ended up spending only €19,726 in the following year. An average saving of 47.2%. We charged them a percentage of their savings.

A win-win situation for both parties.

Of course the client continues to enjoy these massive savings for as long as they have Google Adwords.

Here is a testimonial from our latest client

it’s with great pleasure that I recommend Jorgen’s work. He is very efficient, timely and has brilliant ideas as how to streamline our Google Ads campaigs.

The results were visible from the start and the financial results of the first month were outstanding. And it is even getting better now (we are nearly half way in the second month of our collaboration now).

Please contact us if you are interested in more quality leads at a lower acquisition cost per quality lead.


About Jorgen Poulsen

The Catalyst Partnership provides cost effective Social Media Marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Social Media Marketing is one of today's most successful and cost effective online marketing strategies and is being embraced by millions of companies from Fortune 100 to small companies. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you implement a Social Media Marketing strategy.
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