Why is it so Important to be on Page One on Google?

Netcraft has released their latest December 2011 survey of web servers and concluded that there are about 555,482,744 websites in the world today – a rise of 29.5 million (5.6%) since last month.

Interestingly, the number of active websites is only around 172 million – so there are 383 million inactive websites. That suggests that almost 70% of all the websites in the world are not actually being used.

Perhaps many of these will be domain names bought to cover every possible eventuality e.g. a large company like Apple might buy the Apple.info and .net and .org domain names to prevent cyber-squatters misusing them to profit from the goodwill of the Apple trademark.

Others could be speculative domain names registered by individuals e.g. you might register your-own-name.com just in case you ever get famous. And the rest are likely to be domain names that have been pre-registered in bulk by domain companies to sell off later.

As shown in the graph below, it’s astonishing that just 7 years ago the total number of websites (hostnames) was only 52 million – less than 10% of the current total.

Why is this so important to a company with a web presence? Because the more websites the more competition you have and the less likely it is that a potential client will ever find your website and buy your products.

The topic of this article therefore becomes so much more important. First a bit of viewing and click data. The video below shows a Google Adwords eye tracking heat map for a typical search page on Google. What the video shows is where searchers look and click.

A new study released this year by a team of researches at Cornell University aimed to examine the actions of searchers when it comes to both viewing search results and deciding which result to select.

The study’s findings were not unexpected. While viewing stayed fairly strong for the top five organic search listings, click-thru rates dropped off dramatically beyond the first result. More than two-third of searchers take the time to view the first two search results and more than a third view spots two to five. That number drops to less than ten percent when you get down to the listings in positions nine and ten.

When it comes to actual click-thru rates, the findings are a bit more scattered. On average about

  • 40% of searchers click on the 1st listing
  • 16% of searchers click on the 2nd listing
  • 10% of searchers click on the 3rd listing
  • 6% of searchers click on the 4th and 5th

More than 70% of all clicks go to the top 5 listings. Thus, if you are not on page one of Google you have very little probability of getting any meaningful traffic. The heatmap clearly shows why.

What is the solution? You can either get on page one of Google by using SEO for organic listings or by using Google Adwords for paid listings. We will cover SEO and Google Adwords in other articles. Whichever of the two methods you use it will results in a significant increase in traffic to your website keywords relevant to your business.


With more than 555 million websites in the world you are unlike to ever be in the coveted top 10 listings on page one of Google. If you want any meaningful traffic to your website then you need to be on page one of Google for keywords relevant to your business. You have two choices – SEO or Google Adwords.

We get websites on page one of Google either via SEO or Google Adwords. Please contact us if you are interested in getting on page one of Google, increase the numbers of visitors to your website significantly and make more sales.


About Jorgen Poulsen

The Catalyst Partnership provides cost effective Social Media Marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Social Media Marketing is one of today's most successful and cost effective online marketing strategies and is being embraced by millions of companies from Fortune 100 to small companies. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you implement a Social Media Marketing strategy.
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