How I Increased my Facebook Fans by 400% in one Week


We see so many Facebook Pages with less than 100 Fans, infrequent Status Updates and very few ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. It is a sure sign that the business owner have given up on one of the most important marketing tool ever. This post will tell you how to get thousands of Fans, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’.

Goals For This Post

  • Tell you the importance of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’
  • Tell you how you get more Fans, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’

So all your business associates are telling you about how great Social Media Marketing is and how their Facebook Page is driving so much traffic to their website. So you finally take some time to set up your Facebook Page and make a few ‘exciting’ Status Updates. After you have set it up you tell all your friends, clients and business associates to go and ‘like’ it and you quickly get ‘lots’ of ‘likes’ and you are excited about this new opportunity to increase sales. After a little while you realise that you are only getting a few new Fans every week and nobody is ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ on your Status Updates. Even worse the phone is not ringing off the hook and unique visitors to your website has gone nowhere. You keep making new Status Updates but nothing happens so you give up.

When you set up your Facebook Page you only implemented one very important tool of Social Media Marketing. But it is not the tool which gets you clients – it is how you use it.

Facebook Pages are great because they

  • Offer a new way to reach a larger audience by creating Brand Ambassadors
  • Improve client listening, engagement and interactions
  • Opens up a new way to gather market insights
  • Opens new avenues to survey, test and research products and services

As a means to reach a larger audience the purpose of your Facebook Page is twofold

  • To get as many first time visitors to ‘like’ your Facebook Page
  • To get as many ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on your Status Updates

First time visitors: the sole purpose of your Facebook Page for Facebook users is to get them to ‘like’ it and become a Fan. Why? Because once they ‘like’ it you know that your Status Updates show up in the news feed on the Fan’s Facebook Profile. Most of the time you only have One Change to get a visitor to ‘like’ your Facebook Page which is the first time a person visits it. When they have visited your Facebook Page once and decided not to ‘like’ it they are highly unlikely to ever visit it again and you will not be able to engage them by having your Status Updates show up in their news feed. That opportunity is lost forever.

‘Fans’: the sole purpose of your Facebook Page is to engage them so you can interact with them and turn them into clients and/or Brand Ambassadors. Your Facebook Page is not the place to sell your products and services.

Brand Ambassadors are Fans who like your brand and will tell their Friends about it on their Facebook Profile. They do that by sharing your Status Update on their Facebook Profile which will then show up in the news feed of their Friends. Every Facebook user has on average 135 Friends they can promote your brand to. So if just one Fan shared your Status Update with their Friends he was effectively promoting your Facebook Page to 135 potential clients and/or Brand Ambassadors which would create more first time visitors you could convert into Fans. This is a very effective form of viral marketing. If those Fans shared your Status Update with their Friends your Status update would be posted to 18,361 news feeds. Of course it is not that easy as only a few Fans will share your Status Updates a even fewer will share it again.

76% of people think that advertisers lie and the most trusted type of adverting is recommendations from friends and other people’s opinion online. Friends trust friends. Therein lies the power of Facebook Pages.

When your Status Update shows up in the news feed of one of your Fans 5 things can happen

  • They ‘like’ it
  • They ‘comment’ on it
  • They ‘share’ it
  • They ‘hide’ that particular Status Update, hide all of your existing or future Status Updates or they ‘unlike’ your Facebook Page
  • They ignore it

‘Likes’ and ‘comments’ Why are ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on your Status Updates so important? ‘Likes’ and ‘comments’ are important because the number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on your Status Update will show up underneath your Status Update in the news feed of all your Fans.

facebook page-like-comments

Above you can see a Status Update from Social Media Examiner from my news feed on my Facebook Profile. You can see that 17 Fans have ‘liked’ the Status Update and 7 Fans have made a ‘comment’ on the Status Update. It was 11 and 6 respectively one hour ago. That is a 55% increase in ‘likes’ in one hour. Not bad!!! What does that mean to a Fan who has not yet read your Status Update?

‘Likes’ tells other Fans that the Status Update was interesting enough to give it a thumbs-up by clicking the ‘like’ button.

‘Comments’ tells other Fans how many found the Status Update interesting enough to voice their opinion.

The more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ your Status Update has the more likely it is that another Fan will go to your Facebook Page and read your Status Update and perhaps click ‘like’ and/or make a ‘comment’ resulting in an increasing number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on your Status Update in other Fan’s news feed. This is going to increase the attention of other Fans who have not yet seen your Status Update and they will be more likely to read it.

However, if your Fan thinks that your Status Update is not interesting, irrelevant or you only provide low quality content then they will eventually ‘hide’ your Status Updates or ‘unlike’ your Facebook Page and you have lost them forever.

Interestingly the way to get the most ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on your Status Updates is the same for both first time visitors and Fans. This is assuming you do not have a Gateway on your Facebook Page. Please do let me know if you want to know what a Gateway is and how it works.

Quality is king and the number one way to get more first time visitors to ‘like’ your Facebook Page and to get Fans to ‘like’ and/or ‘comment’ on your Facebook Page is to provide Quality content.

Quality content ensures that the Fan got value out of spending time reading your Status Updates and it helps enormously in building a Brand that Fans pay attention to and want to tell their friends about. The number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ you get on your Facebook Page is closely correlated to the quality and content of your Status Updates. Ignore this at your peril. Do you know how to create high quality content?

Social Media Marketing is a two-way street as it creates interaction with potential clients and/or Brand Ambassadors. That sets it apart from most other marketing tools which do not create interaction. Once somebody makes a ‘comment’ it becomes your opportunity to not only engage and interact with that particular Fan but also to provide further information about your Brand, your values and for the Fan to get to know the people behind the Brand. Creating interaction with potential clients and/or Brand Ambassadors i.e. Fans is perhaps the most important step in Social Media Marketing.

84% of Facebook users use Facebook daily. However, not every Facebook user use their Facebook at the same time and some days Facebook users use it more than others.

Facebook users receive many Status Updates every day so Status Updates will only stay in the news feed for a very short period of time. It is therefore imperative to know at what time and on which day to post your Status Updates to increase the probability of your Status Updates being read. Do you know when and on what day to post your Status Updates?


Quality is king. Plain and simple. If your Status Updates contains quality content it will be ‘shared, ‘liked’ and you will get ‘comments’ which can eventually lead to increased sales.

I am about to finish my next post about have to create headlines and how they get you thousands of Fans, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. ‘Like’ my Facebook Page if you want to make sure you get my next post and other posts which will help making your business more successful.

Take a look at all your Friends’ Facebook Pages and share this post with the ones you think could benefit from this post.

Your turn!!. Tell me about your experience when you first created your Facebook Page. How many Fans did you get in a month? What is your most successful way of getting more Fans,  ‘likes’ and ‘comments’?


About Jorgen Poulsen

The Catalyst Partnership provides cost effective Social Media Marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Social Media Marketing is one of today's most successful and cost effective online marketing strategies and is being embraced by millions of companies from Fortune 100 to small companies. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you implement a Social Media Marketing strategy.
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4 Responses to How I Increased my Facebook Fans by 400% in one Week

  1. D says:

    I didn’t really gain any value from reading this article.

    • Hi Dave, thank you for your comment. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my blog as it is a key part of my Social Media Marketing strategy. I would be pleased if you would elaborate on why you did not ‘gain any value’. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Great Post! I have been boosting my social media profiles as of late, but the facebook page is the one area where I have been lacking. Just as you mentioned, it was hard to get any traction at the beginning. Now that we have some momentum in the other channels, and using these tips you have provided, I am going to give it another go. Thanks for the info!

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