5 Important Resources Needed to Promote an eBook

The First Door - Leonard White


I’m excited to introduce my first guest blogger: Leonard White. Leonard is a computer programmer and father who has finally gotten motivated to start writing. He published his first eBook late last year and is working on his second one.

Name: Leonard White

Location:Indiana, US

Occupation: Computer programmer

Favourite quote: “Good, Bad, I’ve got the gun.” ~ Ash, Army of Darkness.

Goals For This Post

  • Show you how to publicize your self-published eBook
  • Give you information about valuable resources to get started

Quick intro; I am a novice blogger and social networker. Talking to people isn’t really my strong suit. I am a writer and an IT guy, not a social butterfly. I had a Facebook page and a few friends that I actually knew or went to school with and that was it. I had no other significant on-line presence.

I started writing fiction in September and published my first Novella on Smashwords at the beginning of October last year. That was when I started looking into what I had to do to publicize my work myself. Simply dropping a book into the internet would have done absolutely nothing in terms of sales so I began working on how I would advertise.

That was a daunting and eye-opening experience. I started Googling and found Twitter. I knew what it was but hadn’t considered using it to build a network of contacts. I always thought of it as something where semi-stalkers could find out what their favorite celebrities were up to. I had no reason to do something like that and I had no interest until this point. I quietly watched for a week or so while I remained overwhelmed with no idea how to approach this. That was when I discovered Kristen Lamb.

Her work has been the single biggest source of information I have used for how to make any of this work. I wouldn’t be here writing a guest post if it weren’t for her. Funny enough, I found her because she was writing about plot, not networking.

As I kept following Twitter links and the posts that she was providing I began gathering the information that is slowly helping me to build my platform. I don’t have the time to devote to building a large platform quickly while continuing to write but I do have a collection of links that might help you with building your platform. I wanted to provide, what is in my opinion, the best of these links to you. With any luck, this will save you some searching and lead you along the way to the building your network into a profitable business foundation.

MacGregor Literary: This is the first article in a group that discusses how to market your book. He starts with branding.

Jim Chines discusses his opinions on the benefits of blogging for a writer. Basic information but I felt it was important to add since the idea of what you are trying to accomplish is very important when considering the tone of your blog.

EPublish A Book is specifically a writer oriented site but they did have a handy article discussing how to organize a blog tour. These are fun and do drive a lot of readers around.

Chuck Wendig: This blog has a lot of profanity but he also makes some wonderful points. The biggest thing I get from reading this is that I can and will create more traffic by having fun with what I write.

Problogger.net: Title sort of says it all doesn’t it. The specific link that I followed there was http://www.problogger.net/archives/2012/01/16/3-traffic-generation-tactics-from-an-ordinary-human-being/

The Catalyst Partnership discusses how to get invited to speak on something in three weeks. This article is full of other social media points as well. This is easily one of the best posts on this that I have ever read.

Now, like I said, I am a fiction writer. I always include an original piece at the end of my posts. I figure that if you are reading my blog you might be interested in my work. My fiction is my brand so I add something new to every post. I hope you enjoy it and I would like to invite you to read the rest of it.

Thanks for letting me sit in with you today.

L. E. White

My book: The First Door

My Blog: An Opener’s Closing

Ghost Writer

She sat on her bed in silence; awake even though she didn’t want to be. The frost kissed window promised another cold morning once she finished crawling out from under the covers. This time of the morning was normally reserved for the sharing of body heat and the protective feeling of his arms around her but now that he was gone there was no heat, no sleep, and in her mind, no hope.

The car crash had been the other guy’s fault; there was nothing that she could have done from the passenger’s seat but that didn’t change her feelings of guilt. They had been on the road because she had been craving Chinese food and he always spoiled her. The snow hadn’t been bad but the other car had slid. The fact that everyone was going slow didn’t really matter once the truck had left the road. The tree limb that had speared through the windshield had been a one in a million shot. In her mind, he was even rarer.

She turned her head to look at the cold spot beside of her. Another tear found its way past her thin emotional defenses as she noticed that the pillow was still fluffed, proof that his head had not touched it and that she hadn’t drug it to her and squeezed it in the night. That had stopped when she had no longer been able to smell him on it a few weeks ago.

She jumped when she heard a squeaking sound come from the window. She turned to look and found that the frost no longer covered the panes in a thin veil of chilly opalescence. Instead, she was reminded of her childhood when she would breathe on the station wagon’s window and draw pictures in the fog as her family drove from place to place.

She put her glasses on and leaned towards the glass before grabbing his pillow and clutching it to her chest. Great shuddering sobs were muffled into the pillow and she crushed it to her with shaking arms. The message was simple and written so that she could read it from inside the room.

“I’m still here babe. I love you.”


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  1. myoxisamoron says:

    Leonard, thank you for taking the time to drop in and visit with us. I found the information you shared interesting and helpful. I really like your short story at the end. Good luck!

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