Who’s Scared of the Big Bad Google?



I believe in Google. They made the internet worth using with their hard work. They seem so human—not like Microsoft or Apple, so sincere and firm. They put out April Fool’s jokes; and try Googling askew. However, they have been toeing the line with their new policies.

Google announced their new privacy policy a few weeks ago, and it was implemented 2 days ago on March 1st. Everyone reacted. Twitter, Facebook, blogs all in a turmoil screaming at Google for being so evil-corporationish.

Goals For This Post

  • Make sure YOU know the most important parts of Google’s new privacy policy.
  • How to avoid the new scary parts.
  • Help you realize that it isn’t as bad as it sounds.
  • And, show you that it isn’t all that bad and you should still use & love Google.

Well, first of all, let me just say this: Google is reacting to SOPA and PIPA. They are trying to make it so that (if something like that passes) they won’t be harmed as much as they would be. YouTube users will find that you suddenly need to own necessary rights on every video to advertise on it. Many YouTube accounts that post illegal content are being ‘terminated’ a big scary sounding word that makes everybody want to cooperate.

But, the big misunderstanding here is this: Google has been collecting this information for years, they are just now using it differently. You have been receiving personalized search results, ads based on what you Google, and much much more for a very long time.

But, just because Google is scared of the Government  and SOPA doesn’t mean you can just ignore this change and pretend it isn’t there. So, here are some of the big things that will affect you

  • YouTube, GPlus, Gmail, and Blogger accounts will start becoming one account. You will be John Doe everywhere, not The iKnow It All on Blogger & GPlus, Calvin on Gmail, and iTutorialMan on YouTube.
  • Google’s Privacy Policy will be one, and nothing else. Google has long since made you agree to Adsense, Blogger, and other products’ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. But now, only Google Chrome, Wallet, and Books will maintain their own policies in addition to Google’s unified one.
  • YOU WILL BE TRACKED. There will be no turning off Web History, and even if you delete it chances are Google will still have it anyway. Chrome OS will track everything you do.

But here is the thing. Google is trying to force us into doing this because we have no choice; we need Google. Maybe we should thank them; they are giving us a preview of what the world will be like in 20-40 years. Web dependent civilization. We can’t just pack up and leave; Google owns too much of the web. Think about it. GMail, Blogger, YouTube, they almost got Facebook.

If you don’t want to be tracked, then here is what you can do. Sign out & don’t save passwords in Chrome. If you don’t use Chrome or don’t mind Firefox or Safari, then just save your passwords in those browsers and sign out when using YouTube or surfing.


Google may be losing customers to this decision. However, I love Chrome. I love Google. I use Gmail, GPlus, YouTube, Blogger, Adsense, Adwords, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google This, Google That — is it really worth it to abandon them? I know I will continue to use and love Google in spite of what they have imposed upon us with Google’s Privacy Policy.

But, I know I won’t roll over and let Google charge past me. Google needs to here from everybody — they already see that we are unhappy, but they don’t think we will or can do anything about it.

That’s where they’re wrong. Call, email, or blog about this. Tell the world and tell Google how you feel about this. Please, don’t let this turn into Matrix.

So here is my question to you: What will you do? Will you blog? Tweet? Or something else? What action will YOU take?

Calvin is a tech blogger living in Northern Colorado with his two cats. He enjoys piano, messing around on his iPhone, and, of course, blogging. More of a kid than adult, having fun is the best part of life. See more about Calvin at www.theiknowitall.com.


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