Top Social Media Tips – Part 1

Top Social Media Tips - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Blogging, LinkedInIntroduction

Top Social Media Tips is a weekly post of useful Social Media Tips from Social Media users around the world.

These tips are meant to help you improve your Social Media presence by picking up news tips every week.

We hope you find the tips useful. Please let each contributor know what you think about their tips.

Top Social Media Tips by Kirbi Fagan

Tip 1: Be authentic! Understand what each platform offers and write original posts or updates for each social website. Linking multiple accounts or automating can become repetitive and uninteresting.

Benefit: An original post strengthens the interest of your audience. This will also extend the amount of time your audience spends on your website and profiles.

Tip 2: It’s about them, not you! Know whom you are speaking to and always offer your audience consistent, rich content. It’s better to post less than post poor content.

Benefit: When you create interesting posts, people share those posts.

Tip 3: Get on the bandwagon. Don’t like twitter? Your audience does! Get connected!

Benefit: Joining multiple platforms is a way to expand your reach. Don’t miss out on another audience because of your resistance to the next best thing.

Learn more about Kirbi Fagan:

Kirbi Fagan is an illustrator living in the lively downtown area of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kirbi’s artwork has themes of Americana and nostalgia in a vibrant color pallet. For more on Kirbi and her artwork visit or follow her on twitter @kirbifagan

Top Social Media Tips by Nadine B. Hack

Tip 1: Follow and/or connect to people and subjects you have a genuine interest in rather than indiscriminately following or friending everyone.

Benefit: You’ll be exposed to broader sources and more information on topics you care about.  Even if you believe you are an expert, you will be amazed by how much you can learn from a much larger network.

Tip 2: Share with your networks – using multiple platforms – what you find valuable in what others write about.

Benefit: By posting comments on blogs, re-tweeting and/or “liking” others’ content that you find on various social platforms, you broaden your own audience and find even more people who you can learn from and who will begin to engage with you.

Tip 3: Go for quality, not quantity so you will not be deluged with useless information and find it hard to locate what’s really meaningful for you.

Benefit: Instead of having to sift through endless self-promotional junk out there, you will begin to create your own aggregation of helpful “teachers”, “mentors” and “colleagues”.  You will be delighted by the true community you can create.

Learn more about Nadine Hack:
Nadine’s Blog

Top Social Media Tips by Peg Fitzpatrick

Tip 1: Start a Twylah page for Twitter

Benefit: Twylah creates a beautiful website of your tweets. It extends the life of your tweets, helps get new followers, build better SEO for Google and it’s great branding. Who doesn’t want to send a Power Tweet? All you need to do is sign up and Twylah does the rest.

Tip 2: Give people a hat tip when you are inspired by their ideas. I use a #TiaraTip™ when I do it and give them a link back.

Benefit: It is the right thing to do and helps build a bond with the person who inspired you. Otherwise you are just stealing their intellectual property which is not cool.

Tip 3: 80/20 Rule for content

Benefit: 80% of your content should be other people’s and 20% can be your own. If you broadcast your own content no one will be interested in following you. Be generous sharing others content and you won’t have to share your own, they will reciprocate.

Learn more about Peg Fitzpatrick:

Peg’s Blog
Peg’s Twylah Page
Check out 12 Most – her other baby

Your turn!! Did you learn something new?

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  2. Spainsocial says:

    I love this kind of posts, I think they are pices of reality.

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    Reblogged this on JP @ and commented:
    Great Tips From A Great Company

    • Nadine Hack says:

      John – thanks for re-blogging. It’s great that Jorgen started this forum to share ideas and wonderful that you have extended the sharing. – Nadine

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